Friday, August 9, 2019

Tips for Boys

I often get questions from young men asking how to get girls or how to turn girls on. Here are my top tips compiled into one place.

Be Safe Not Stupid.
Use condoms. You cannot trust girls to be honest about birth control and child support is no joke. There's plenty of time for unprotected sex later.

Educate Yourself
A Billion Wicked Thoughts is a great book that explains what women actually desire

The Game has great tips on what can make you appear more attractive to females. Things like peakcocking and cat string theory.

Becoming Clitorate and She Comes Frist are great books on physically pleasing a woman, read them.

Porn is not sex education! It is fiction designed for men and has literally NOTHING do to with what women want.

All In Her Head
Most importantly remember women are aroused mentally. It's her thoughts that turn her on not what a guy looks like. It's the idea that seduces her.

Confidence Is King
She loves the alpha male. If you're not confident fake it. Evolutionary psychology says women seek resources. Add value to yourself any way you can. Have many kills and hobbies. Create depth and mystery to your character.

Watch Romance Movies
The hero in a romantic film is not designed by accident. Writers create them with womens psychology in mind. You may think the stories are "lame" but if you're smart, you will watch them to see why it is that women love characters like Edward Cullen from Twilight for example. It's not just looks. Physical attractiveness is not top priority to most women.

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