Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Naked with Boys Pt 1 - What Women Want


This episode will be part one of a mini series on the top topics guys want and need to know.

Part One - What Women Want

Size by far is the number one concern men contact me about and we can't really blame them. We are definitely a culture obsessed with size and equating it with manliness. 

The strangest thing is that men want size to matter. When you give them any other answer besides yes, they will not believe you but if you say yes they respond with "I knew it"!

Look boys, in all honestly, like I've said before, yes it matters but it all depends on the vagina the penis happens to be entertaining. Understand something, and I will include a graphic here so you can get what I'm saying. Most vaginal sensation is felt just inside the vaginal opening, not deep inside. This is anatomy, not my opinion. 
Unfortunately, a lot of women, especially younger women are not taught about their own bodies and how they work. Women as well as men have been brainwashed into believing bigger is better when in actuality, bigger doesn't necessarily feel better.
If you notice, the G-Spot or Clitoral Cluster is half a finger length inside the vaginal canal. The shorter a penis is the more likely it will directly hit the area increasing the chances of an internal orgasm. A longer penis can rub against it but often just passes this area by with very little to no direct contact or pressure.

A smaller penis is also much easier to give comfortable oral for a woman. Less gagging, more room for tongue movement, and swallowing. It's just more fun when you're not in physical discomfort.  

Educate yourself because school wont

Sex education in America is lacking to say the least. If you want to be a good lover, you are going to have to take it upon yourself to be educated on female arousal and anatomy. Many women don't even know how their bodies work so there is no way we can expect men to. I highly suggest two books for men and women.

Lets talk oral. Boys... 

This is necessary. so if you have any reservations be it fear of sub par technique, taste, smell, fatigue, whatever it is that holds you back, get over it. The above mentioned book She Comes First can help with this. And remember going down on you isn't all roses either. Everyone needs to learn whatever it is that can make pleasuring their partner pleasurable for them as well. Find what you do like about it and play on that. 

Lastly when I talk to men about how to pleasure women, I feel like I can't go without saying SLOW DOWN and stop watching so much porn. Porn is fine but you have to see it for what is is, FICTION. Pounding away like a jack hammer does not feel good. We don't like it. Crazy positions are also very unnecessary. Remember that porn is shot to be visually arousing to men. Most positions that allow for good camera angles are not usually the positions that feel good to women. Dogie Style for example, if you reference the photo above you will notice that a woman's most sensitive areas are towards the front of her body. In the Dogie Style position, the penis bypasses this area and hits against the back vaginal wall instead. Usually the most pleasurable positions for women are not positions that allow for a good view of the action. The most pleasurable positions are usually those with close contact with a lot of surface area coming in contact with the partner. Steady controlled rhythm is much better than pounding. Pay attention to a woman when she is in the woman on top position. If you allow her to do what feels good rather than put on a performance for your benefit, you will notice that up and down is less favored than back and forth, 

The most important piece of advice I can give is to ask a woman what she likes, We are all made a little differently and may like slightly different things that can lead to a big difference in overall pleasure and satisfaction. Use your words and never assume something feels good. This is how so many men think a woman is having orgasms when she is not. They assume. Don't assume!

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