Monday, February 18, 2019

Sex And The Skeptic - Bay of Married Pigs

Sex And The City Season 1 Episode 3
Bay of Married Pigs

This episode is focused on married couple’s vs single people. This is basically a case of the grass always being greener. I do believe married people are to a certain extent, jealous of the single freedom they once had and maybe a bit weary of a single slithering into their marriage and taking away the feeling of security, they have gained from being part of a legally bonded couple.

On the other hand, being single can mean feeling lonely a lot of the time. Sure, it’s fun to go out whenever and wherever you want and not have to answer to anyone but there does come a time where that gets old and you just want to cuddle and watch a movie with someone who knows you better than anyone else.

Married people want you figured out. This is a cultural thing. For many lifetimes, a person’s worth has been associated with marriage. What a man could provide as a husband and what a woman’s family could provide in trade for her hand was important for a long time. We have come to figure that if a person isn’t married, there’s something wrong with them, they lack value in some way. But times are changing and so is the “need” for marriage. Unfortunately, many people are stuck and not moving forward with a new way of thinking about relationships and the fact that a legal relationship is no long necessary.

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