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Here rests the bones of what was once my shows notes that I spent a week outlining and a whole day writing... RIP

Hybristophilia Intro Video/Podcast
Presented by a channel I'm not yet sure I agree with

Ted Bundy's Last Interview

Women Who Love Serial Killers Video

Psychology Today Rape Fantasy Article

Dark Tiad

Sexy Villain Matrix


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Friday, August 9, 2019

Tips for Boys

I often get questions from young men asking how to get girls or how to turn girls on. Here are my top tips compiled into one place.

Be Safe Not Stupid.
Use condoms. You cannot trust girls to be honest about birth control and child support is no joke. There's plenty of time for unprotected sex later.

Educate Yourself
A Billion Wicked Thoughts is a great book that explains what women actually desire

The Game has great tips on what can make you appear more attractive to females. Things like peakcocking and cat string theory.

Becoming Clitorate and She Comes Frist are great books on physically pleasing a woman, read them.

Porn is not sex education! It is fiction designed for men and has literally NOTHING do to with what women want.

All In Her Head
Most importantly remember women are aroused mentally. It's her thoughts that turn her on not what a guy looks like. It's the idea that seduces her.

Confidence Is King
She loves the alpha male. If you're not confident fake it. Evolutionary psychology says women seek resources. Add value to yourself any way you can. Have many kills and hobbies. Create depth and mystery to your character.

Watch Romance Movies
The hero in a romantic film is not designed by accident. Writers create them with womens psychology in mind. You may think the stories are "lame" but if you're smart, you will watch them to see why it is that women love characters like Edward Cullen from Twilight for example. It's not just looks. Physical attractiveness is not top priority to most women.

Sunday, August 4, 2019

N@ked With Boys Part Three

In Bed With Shauna Episode 24N@ked with Boys Part Three - Cougar Hunting

In this episode I'm going over how to meet older women, what to do and what not to do. I'm also answering some of your questions.

Is lusting after an older woman normal?
Absolutely it's normal. many guys start fantasizing about a teacher or friends mom at an early age. These fantasies can be carried with you over time. No harm done.

How can you meet a Cougar?
Upscale bars and restaurants. most likely. Ususally in calmer places than you would meet young girls. Older women have already partied to the point that their friend has to hold their hair back at the end of the night more times than they care to count. You'll find them doing more "adult" stuff. I know that I personally rather have dinner and drinks with friends rather than going to a noisy bar.  

CourgarLife App
Apps are a good place because then you know that a woman is seeking some kind of relationship. Any dating app will do, if she thinks you're too young she can just pass.

What Not To Do Realize the reality, you're nothing new and you aren't doing us a favor. Also know asking for a sugar momma isn't the way to go. It makes you look bad.

What To Do Get in her head. There is nothing sexier than a man that makes a woman curious.

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Monday, July 29, 2019

N@kend With Boys - Part Two

N@ked With Boys - Part Two
Are You Man Enough?

In this episode I'm taking about masculinity, cucks, erectile dysfunction, and premature ejaculation. 

Toxicity in Masculinity
In talking with men over the last few days about weather or not toxic masculinity is a thing, I got a lot of answers that surprised me. Most of the men I talked to a) didn't believe it was real and b) had the wrong idea of what toxic masculinity even means. Odd to me that a term created to defend men, seems to be taken by them as a term to condemn them, So let's clear up what we are talking about here...

The men I talked to seem to think this term means that men are toxic people when if fact, the term refers to the rules we impose on boys that eventually manifest into toxic things like aggression. Examples would be like telling boys they can't cry or show emotion, they have to be brave and strong, unable to show any weakness and if they do, they are "being girls", "being a pussy", "having no balls", all terms referring to being feminine rather than masculine. Which is not only harmful because boys are humans and humans have emotions that need release, but also because the idea that femininity is weak, is harmful to girls.

Toxic masculinity is misunderstood the way the term feminist is. Feminism does not mean women are better than men, it means women deserve to be treated equal to men.

I also thought it interesting that men became defensive in a way that was very similar to people around the issue of race. For example, "black lives matter" tends to cause white people to become defensive and say that "all lives matter". The term doesn't mean that white lives don't matter, what they are saying is that yes all lives matter but actions are showing that black lives don't and they are trying to bring attention to this.

"People are toxic" First of all this response is coming from the misunderstanding of the term. Second, men are responsible for the majority of murder, rape, and war. Something is up there. You can not argue this. When I asked about toxic masculinity I got responses defending men and saying it's all people but when I asked why the majority of murder and rape crimes are committed by men, no one could answer me.  

I am not trying to blame men. I'm saying something is wrong with our culture. Men do have higher levels of testosterone a hormone responsible for aggression and I think the ideals we are pushing onto humans with high levels of this hormone, are causing this aggression to manifest in unhealthy and unsafe ways.   

I am not against men. In fact, I disagree with the idea of the "pay gap". The idea that men get paid more than women is bullshit. I am a medical assistant, a typically female career but a male in the same position makes the same wage. The truth is that dangerous jobs pay higher wages and men with a higher level of testosterone are more willing to seek risks. No on is stopping women from being Alaskan crab fishers. Women are choosing not to do those types of jobs. 

The #MeToo movement is also bullshit. Yes powerful men tend to abuse their power. Again, men in positions of power tend to have higher levels of testosterone making them have a higher sex drive and higher level of aggression. So yes these things absolutely happen but for a woman to not say anything for years until other women are speaking out makes them just as guilty and partially responsible for anyone assaulted after them. Take some responsibility.    

Another area where men get the short end of the stick is with Court Ordered Custody and Child Support. As someone who has raised another woman's children because she is a dead beat mom, I can see the frustration men feel here. Just because a woman gives birth, does not make her a mother. Just as biology doesn't make someone a father. There is favor for women in courts when it comes to children that is definitely unfair.  

Penis Size and Masculinity
Lets revisit penis size as it applies to masculinity. A large penis is synonymous with masculinity. Can we just stop and think about how stupid this is? This is so very animalistic. I just picture naked men sitting around the bonfire with their erections grunting and trying to show who is alpha. The male obsession with penis size is something that seriously makes me want to pull my hair out!  

Anal Play and Masculinity
I feel like the idea of any kind of male anal penetration is starting to become more accepted but we aren't quite there yet. The whole issue here is another cultural ideal. To be penetrated makes you "gay" which makes you "feminine" which means you aren't a man. This is another stupid idea. Men's prostates, when stimulated can be very pleasurable. What's the big deal? Exactly, it's not a big deal. I'm hearing more and more about men's fantasies about pegging which I think is a sign we are getting closer to getting rid of the stigma around straight male anal play but I think we still have a long way to go.  

Let's Talk Dick Issues

Erectile Dysfunction
There are only a few things I want to address with this issue because honestly, as a woman I'm annoyed that Viagra exists while there is absolutely nothing addressing low female sexual desire. I know this is because women's desire is more complicated and more mental than physical but still... I can't help but feel like it is't treated as being as important.  The surprising thing I've learned about this is that not being able to get hard can be emotional, or related to being nervous or guilty. Women often take an unresponsive penis personally. I think it's believed that because men get hard when the wind blows, when they can't get hard while looking at your naked body, there most be something wrong with you. I've learned this is almost never the case. There is typically a physical or emotional cause. But boys when this happens and you feel embarrassed, remember she is taking it personally.   

Premature Ejaculation
I understand that this can be embarrassing for guys but please do not just tell a girl she turned you on too much and call it good. I compliment falls short if not followed by an orgasm.
If you have a problem with ejaculating too soon, first please understand that just because you finished first doesn't mean you won and the race is over. Your orgasm is only a happy ending is only happy for you. Until she cums too, your not done.

There is a product I have heard great things about and plan to try out and report back on called Promescent

Edging can also help which I will talk about further below.

I often get questions about weather or not masturbation is wrong or if doing it too often is bad. Masturbation is good for men and women. Do not feel shame about it at all. Are you doing it too much? Well if it's negatively impacting your life, then yes. Are you staying home to masturbate rather than go on a date with a actual human? Are you late for work because you have to rub one out before you leave the house? If no, your fine. As long as it doesn't interfere with other areas of your life, it's fine. However, a problem can come from frequent masturbation done to climax quickly can train your body to do so regardless of weather you are solo or with a partner leading to the above mentioned premature ejaculation. Better practice would be edging, where you work yourself up to the point just before climax, back off, let yourself calm down and then go again. Repeating this can greatly increase your self control.  

Men who either "allow" their female partner to have sex with other men or who enjoy watching their partner have sex with another man, usually a more dominate man. 
I've heard some shit talk of men who enjoy this or the work cuck used as an insult to men meaning they are weak. In studying evolutionary psychology I've learned that there is a good reason for men to be aroused by this kind of thing. It's the same reason that the penis makes such a grand appearance in porn despite the fact that the audience is primarily male. 

Men are psychologically aroused by the sight or idea of another male. They subconsciously desire to compete. It's not less manly, it's a totally natural response, just as jealousy is.  

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Are you more submissive or dominant?
What is one sexual fantasy you have not yet done?

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Naked with Boys Pt 1 - What Women Want


This episode will be part one of a mini series on the top topics guys want and need to know.

Part One - What Women Want

Size by far is the number one concern men contact me about and we can't really blame them. We are definitely a culture obsessed with size and equating it with manliness. 

The strangest thing is that men want size to matter. When you give them any other answer besides yes, they will not believe you but if you say yes they respond with "I knew it"!

Look boys, in all honestly, like I've said before, yes it matters but it all depends on the vagina the penis happens to be entertaining. Understand something, and I will include a graphic here so you can get what I'm saying. Most vaginal sensation is felt just inside the vaginal opening, not deep inside. This is anatomy, not my opinion. 
Unfortunately, a lot of women, especially younger women are not taught about their own bodies and how they work. Women as well as men have been brainwashed into believing bigger is better when in actuality, bigger doesn't necessarily feel better.
If you notice, the G-Spot or Clitoral Cluster is half a finger length inside the vaginal canal. The shorter a penis is the more likely it will directly hit the area increasing the chances of an internal orgasm. A longer penis can rub against it but often just passes this area by with very little to no direct contact or pressure.

A smaller penis is also much easier to give comfortable oral for a woman. Less gagging, more room for tongue movement, and swallowing. It's just more fun when you're not in physical discomfort.  

Educate yourself because school wont

Sex education in America is lacking to say the least. If you want to be a good lover, you are going to have to take it upon yourself to be educated on female arousal and anatomy. Many women don't even know how their bodies work so there is no way we can expect men to. I highly suggest two books for men and women.

Lets talk oral. Boys... 

This is necessary. so if you have any reservations be it fear of sub par technique, taste, smell, fatigue, whatever it is that holds you back, get over it. The above mentioned book She Comes First can help with this. And remember going down on you isn't all roses either. Everyone needs to learn whatever it is that can make pleasuring their partner pleasurable for them as well. Find what you do like about it and play on that. 

Lastly when I talk to men about how to pleasure women, I feel like I can't go without saying SLOW DOWN and stop watching so much porn. Porn is fine but you have to see it for what is is, FICTION. Pounding away like a jack hammer does not feel good. We don't like it. Crazy positions are also very unnecessary. Remember that porn is shot to be visually arousing to men. Most positions that allow for good camera angles are not usually the positions that feel good to women. Dogie Style for example, if you reference the photo above you will notice that a woman's most sensitive areas are towards the front of her body. In the Dogie Style position, the penis bypasses this area and hits against the back vaginal wall instead. Usually the most pleasurable positions for women are not positions that allow for a good view of the action. The most pleasurable positions are usually those with close contact with a lot of surface area coming in contact with the partner. Steady controlled rhythm is much better than pounding. Pay attention to a woman when she is in the woman on top position. If you allow her to do what feels good rather than put on a performance for your benefit, you will notice that up and down is less favored than back and forth, 

The most important piece of advice I can give is to ask a woman what she likes, We are all made a little differently and may like slightly different things that can lead to a big difference in overall pleasure and satisfaction. Use your words and never assume something feels good. This is how so many men think a woman is having orgasms when she is not. They assume. Don't assume!

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Sunday, April 28, 2019

INBEDWITH SHAUNA Episode 21 - Show Notes

  Episode 21 - Cougars Vs. Sugar Daddies

This episode explores creeping family members, the cougar/sugar daddy double standard, who are the people the least likely to cheat, sluts with self respect, and answers to your questions.

Sex and Society Podcast

Joe Rogan Experience #1287 
01:07 time  stamp

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Saturday, April 6, 2019

INBEDWITH SHAUNA Episode 20 - Show Notes

Episode 20 Sex and Politic 

This episode is a little different. Here, I'm sharing some political and social views after having a few glasses of wine. I also answer the strangest question I've gotten.

If you share different political views than I do, that's fine. We can all agree to disagree. But if you feel that I'm not seeing a particular side of an issue, feel free to email me. I'm always open to new insight. email

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Saturday, March 16, 2019

INBEDWITH SHAUNA Episode 19 Show Notes

Episode 19 - Breakups

When you are going through a breakup, everyone tells you to just get over it but no one ever tells you how. In this episode I tell you what worked for me.

The pain of a breakup can be more painful than people want to admit. I have found it beneficial to recognize this a truly let your self morn.

Getting over a break up

  1. Know that pain, and pain alone will ease the pain. Look forward to tomorrow knowing it is your friend.
  2. Let yourself cry. Humans cry for a reason your body wants to release emotional pain. Stopping it isn't helping you. Get it out and let it go.
  3. Out of sight out of mind. Change your environment. Living in the same spaces that hold your memories is only going to keep the loss fresh in your mind.
  4. Realize that people are not guarantees in your life. They come and they go. They play a role and then depart leaving room for new characters and new stories. Let your life play out without trying to play casting director.
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Monday, February 18, 2019

Sex And The Skeptic - Bay of Married Pigs

Sex And The City Season 1 Episode 3
Bay of Married Pigs

This episode is focused on married couple’s vs single people. This is basically a case of the grass always being greener. I do believe married people are to a certain extent, jealous of the single freedom they once had and maybe a bit weary of a single slithering into their marriage and taking away the feeling of security, they have gained from being part of a legally bonded couple.

On the other hand, being single can mean feeling lonely a lot of the time. Sure, it’s fun to go out whenever and wherever you want and not have to answer to anyone but there does come a time where that gets old and you just want to cuddle and watch a movie with someone who knows you better than anyone else.

Married people want you figured out. This is a cultural thing. For many lifetimes, a person’s worth has been associated with marriage. What a man could provide as a husband and what a woman’s family could provide in trade for her hand was important for a long time. We have come to figure that if a person isn’t married, there’s something wrong with them, they lack value in some way. But times are changing and so is the “need” for marriage. Unfortunately, many people are stuck and not moving forward with a new way of thinking about relationships and the fact that a legal relationship is no long necessary.

Monday, February 4, 2019

IN BED WITH SHAUNA Episode 18 Show Notes

Episode 18 - All About The Penis

What I want everyone to take away from this episode is that large uncircumcised penises are something that we have been culturally conditioned to prefer. It's all conditioning, not what is actually needed for pleasure.  

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Premature Ejaculation

If you want to try a delay spray that will help you last longer, this is the product that I have heard recommended several times. It's only $20, give it a try and let me know how it works for you.

Pros and Cons of Penis Size

  • Small penises are easier for oral sex
  • A smaller penis is easier on vaginal tissue allowing for multiple sex sessions without getting sore.Instead of bypassing the G-Spot like a longer penis does, a shorter penis gives consistent stimulation to the most sensitive areas.
  • Large penises are better for trying multiple positions. A lot of the time, a smaller penis just doesn't have the reach for certain positions.
  • Average to larger penises have a easier time of finding condoms that fit properly. When going to the drug store to pick up condoms, I never see condoms customized for smaller penises. You can find Magnums easily everywhere and that tells me that men don't buy condoms at the drug store because there is shame around being smaller. There are small condoms you can find them on Amazon.

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Thursday, January 31, 2019

Sex And The Skeptic - Models and Mortals

Sex And The City Season 1 Episode 2
Models and Mortals

In this episode, Carrie explores standards of beauty and what it means to men. I have to say I can not speak to living in a city where models are roaming the streets. I live in more of a tweakers roaming the isles of Walmart kind of city. I am, however, a woman familiar with what our culture tells me about my worth in relation to my looks.

Impossible Standards of Beauty

It seems to me that beauty standards are not set by men but instead by advertisers marketing to women. A brand can tell you that a product will make you, younger, thinner, healthier, prettier, etc. These are all signs of healthy fertility. Yes, beautiful people are that way for a reason. They have good genes that show, through a symmetrical face, thick hair, glowing skin, and strong bone structure. Our most beautiful are indeed, our most fuckable.
The drive to fuck a beautiful model is basic mating effort.

How Powerful Is Beauty?

Very, and why? Because the desire to reproduce with the most genetically optimal person you can, is at the very core of our human nature. Even though you may be happily married to someone else, you may give a beautiful woman more curtesy, liberty, and opportunity than you would a less attractive, disabled, or aging woman.

I’m Fucking A Model – Male Ego

There is something more than good genes at play here. Throughout history, women have been objects, things to obtain and collect. Men with a lot of “things” are showing status as a mating strategy. Their ego urges them to collect these women not just for the undetected psychological need for reproduction but also to showcase themselves and validate themselves as alpha males. Thereby gaining more and more “things”.

Patchouli in A Room Full of Chanel Or A Saltine in A Box Of Ritz

In one scene, Carrie says she feels like patchouli in a room full of Chanel referring to being a “regular” woman in a room full of models. This reminded me of a night I have intended to write about for over a year now. No better time than the present, I guess.
I had recently married my first husband and was struggling with the idea of being someone’s wife and how I felt it diminished my sex appeal in general. At the time I felt like being off the market somehow devalued my fuckablility. Not that I was looking. At the time I was happily monogamous, but a girl still wants to be desired, right? I was in my early 20’s and did not yet realize the hotness of the naughty wife but I digress.

My then husband and I had gone out one night with one of his high school friends to a local concert. After the show we went back to the friend’s house along with a girl he had picked up at some point during the evening. My memories of that night are few. I’m sure I had more than enough to drink and well… it was close to 20 years ago at this point but what I do remember has stuck with me quite vividly. I was sitting on the couch with my husband and his friend, drinking and listening to music. The girl that had joined us was dancing alone in the middle of the livingroom.  She wore jeans with a black corset top and had long straight dirty blonde hair that brushed against her body as she danced. I envied her inhibition. At some point during this performance, my husbands friend turned to him and said, “That is a Saltine”. Pointing at ME. “That”, pointing at the girl dancing “is a Ritz”.

Hopefully you are familiar with these snack crackers so that you get the fuckedupness of his comment. He was basically saying that I was plain and boring while the other girl had a bit more pizazz. I mean, a Ritz is high end as far as crackers go.

I’ve never really felt unattractive in my adult life. I spent very little time comparing myself to other women, but that night was different.  That night, I saw with glaring clarity what I was lacking, and I saw it in her. Probably the most difficult thing, was that it wasn’t physical. This girl was not of above average beauty, she wasn’t exceptionally thin, she didn’t have larger than average breasts, or a bangin butt. What she had that I didn’t, was confidence. She had the guts to not only wear a corset to a concert (a look I later adopted) but she also had the guts to dance alone in a room full of strangers. I admired that Ritz girl. My husband’s friend, however, did not accompany us to any more concerts.

Beauty is about being desirable and be it either
consciously or subconsciously, desire is the fuel of life.

Rendering A Prince

Each scene in this episode was intended to paint Big as the prince. First, we see him with a model on his arm. This shows him as not only desired by other women, but desired by other women who have options. This signals that there is something there worth seeking.

The end of this episode is a classic intermittent reward given to Carrie by Big gracing her with his presence, just to give the line “After a while you just want to be with the one that makes you laugh”. 

Sure, this can be true. Especially when looking at it from a human dual mating strategy standpoint. Sure, the guy wants the funny girl to pair bond with but that doesn’t mean he isn’t going to still be looking in his periphery for genetic beauty with which he can potentially intermingle his seed. This scene is to reiterate one thing, that Big is different from the rest. By the second episode I think we have visited all female psychological desire cues to paint Big as the ultimate Prince Charming of Manhattan. He is tall dark, handsome, and wealthy, giving him definite alpha status. He is calm and calculated but seems to only crack the door to his inner heart for Carrie. He is desired by other women but is now consistently coming back to Carrie above all others.

I would advise anyone who is a fan of the show and has any interest in the dynamics of how desire works between men and women to read A Billion Wicked Thoughts (listed here) then re-watch the series and think about how the character of Big is written to manipulate the female audience. Not that this is something rare to the character. Most male romantic leads are written this way. It’s just interesting to me that a show that has such a female empowerment slant would push such a fictional romantic narrative. Unattainable beauty? More like unattainable love.

Monday, January 21, 2019

Sex And The Skeptic


Romantic true love doesn’t exist. I hate to break it to you, but it doesn’t. At least not in the way our culture tells us it does. Sex on the other hand does exist and is the drive behind most of what we do as humans. Yes, I’m cynical but I prefer to call myself a skeptic because a girl can always change her mind.

I grew up watching Sarah Jessica Parker in 80’s and early 90’s movies like Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, Flight of the Navigator, and Hocus Pocus. So, when I first saw that she was doing a HBO original series about sex, Sex And The City, the 80’s kid and sex geek in me were beyond excited. But when I began to watch the show, I found myself not identifying with Carrie Bradshaw as much as I did with my then new idol, Samantha Jones.

Sex and the Skeptic is my blog series commentating on the show from a well… let’s just say, less romantic point of view. ­

Sex And The City Season 1 Episode 1 - Sex and the City 

The series opens with a introduction to our characters Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte, Samantha, and of course the city of Manhattan. The first half of this pilot episode focuses on the difficulties of women in their 30’s finding eligible bachelors in the city.
The reality of this situation is stated very well by the men. It all basically comes down to biology, once a woman’s clock is ticking, men are suddenly holding all the cards. It seems women can only be the choosey ones during their time of high reproductive value. After that starts to wane, our sea of fish begins to diminish.
This is also reflected in society, women who are older, disabled, overweight, or are in any way seen as unhealthy are less reproductively appealing and in turn, less relevant.

Why should women in their 30’s settle? 

There is something that happens to a woman when she enters her 30’s. Typically by this age we have been through enough bad relationships and have come into ourselves and have finally realized our own self-worth. We are willing to tolerate less than we were in our 20’s which makes finding a man that doesn’t have too much to tolerate harder.

Have Sex Like A Man

I’m big supporter of this statement. Regarding feelings, they are only good when you want them. I can’t count how many times I’ve told friends if they don’t want to catch feelings for a casual lover, they better get up, put their panties on, and go home.
Regarding getting off and getting out like men do, I’d say every woman should try it at least once. We must get pleasing a man as the most important part of sex out of our number one concern slot. I also think that if more women did this more often, men would get a taste of their own medicine and realize a woman’s orgasm isn’t an unnecessary part of a sexual encounter.
After Carrie hooks up with an old lover and leaves after he pleases her and before he can get his, she later wonders why she didn’t feel more in control. I’d say that is because that isn’t who she is. Carrie is a romantic and seems to need more of a commitment with her sex. She not getting what she wants while the guy is. Unlike Samantha, who I doubt would feel less out of control.

I Have To Get Up Early

There is one scene is this episode that made me really think. Charlotte goes home with a man but stops him and goes home for the night before he can get what he wants. Later, Samantha goes home with the same guy and he tells her that he must get up early the next morning, so she can’t stay over. Samantha gets a look on her face in response like she knows she’s being used and although there is a slight sting from this being verbalized, she’s fine to continue.
Therefore it is much better to meet casual hook ups either in a neutral territory, hotel, back seat of a car, etc. or even better, at your place to insure the ball stays in your court.
The male/female power dynamic in sexuality is a tricky thing. Even when all a woman wants is to have casual sex, it still seems like the man is getting something over on her, like he is winning. That’s something I think about a lot and have yet to figure out how to work around.

The Introduction of Big and Great Love

This is probably the hardest pill for me to swallow throughout the series. Because Big will be Carries main love interest in the show, he is set up to be Prince Charming. We first see him turn down Samantha which a) would most likely never even happen and b) appeals to the female psychological desire cues. This scene is to show that Big is different. Something women look for and men try to convince us of but in the end, is just a fairytale.

When Big sees Carrie walking and gives her a ride home, not only do we see him as “rescuing” her, but we also see that he is wealthy giving him resources, something also psychologically desirable to women. In the car, they have this conversation:

Carrie: “Women who have sex then afterwards feel nothing”.
Big: “But you’re not like that”.
Carrie: “Well aren’t you”?
Big: “Not a drop, not even half a drop”.
Carrie: “Wow what’s wrong with you”?
Big: “Haha I get it, you’ve never been in love”.

This scene really gets under my skin. It’s not real and paints this picture of this one guy who will suddenly come along to rescue you and will be different from all the other men. He will be rich, believe in love, and want only you.

As a woman you are feed this story from the time you are a toddler watching Disney Princess movies learning that one day your prince will come. So, you wait and before you know it, you’re in your 30’s and all the good men are taken and you’re left having casual sex in the city.

It’s funny to me that the episode opens with the women wondering where all the great unmarried men are, when, they missed them all waiting for a fictional character they’ve been told is out there just waiting to sweep them and only them off their glass slippered feet.

Friday, January 18, 2019

Reading List

The books listed below are straight from my Audible library. New books added as I finish them. 

I would definitely recommend getting a Audible membership. I love being able to wash dishes, cook, drive, and put on makeup all while learning. But if you prefer traditional books, I've got you covered below. Some of these are paradigm shifting. 
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INBEDWITH SHAUNA Episode 17 Show Notes

Episode 17 - The Orgasm Episode

In this episode I lay down some orgasm stats, give an update on he who we don't speak of and the darkness, comment on a segment from one of my favorite podcast Sex with Emily, talk about my own experience achieving orgasm, and answer some of your questions.

11 Charts and Graphs That Show the Female Orgasm by Numbers

The Biggest-Ever Orgasm Study Tells Us More About How Women Come

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Friday, January 4, 2019

INBEDWITH SHAUNA Episode 16 Show Notes

In this episode I share a story time of how the cops stole Christmas, teach you how to hack the honeymoon phase, the benefits of "if you can't beat em, join em", and we venture into my DMs to answer some question and of course have a good laugh. 

My Paradigm

"Men are as loyal as their options". - Bill Mahar
I'm a bit of a pessimist when it comes to the loyalty of men. I get told all the time "not all men cheat" well, this is usually coming from a woman that wants to believe or blindly believes her man is faithful. I hate to break it to you but that's just not the case. No not all men cheat all the time. But almost all men cheat at least once upon a time.   

You don't have to love everyone you have sex with just as you don't have to have sex with everyone you love.
Love and sex are two very different things. I believe it was Christopher Ryan who said something to the fact that sex and love are like wine and cheese, they go very well together but are two very different things that can be enjoyed separately.

Jealousy is rooted in fear
Jealousy usually comes from a insecurity that you will lose someone to someone else. If you are secure in yourself and in the relationship, there is nothing to fear.

"Poor is the man who's pleasures depend on the permission of another" - Madonna
It's sad to me that many people have a sexuality that is kept prisoner by their significant other. I do not own my partner and he does not own me. Our bodies are our own and not the property of the other.

Cheating isn't a reason to end a relationship. Deceit is.
The expectations of monogamy are not only unnatural but also unrealistic. Its insane to me that a couple will breakup a otherwise happy home and the lives of their children because some spent 10 minutes naked with another person. It's selfish and a serious over reaction.

The feeling of love isn't real. It's a chemical byproduct of the drive to reproduce.
Humans are naturally serial social monogamists. We receive physical and psychological mating cues that cause us to "fall in love" and pair bond. This pair bond is not sexually exclusive and lasts 3 to 4 years, long enough to reproduce and raise a baby into childhood. 
The love for our children however is a bond that usually does not fade. It is in our best interest to watch over, protect, and care for our offspring in order to insure our genes make it into future generations. 

Euthanizing You Heart

The Honeymoon Phase

If you can't beat 'em, Join 'em
Women often times see each other as competitors. This is so unnecessary! There are no benefits to jealousy. Try reaching out and becoming friends with someone you feel may be a rival for whatever reason. Lift each other up! Men aren't worth the negativity

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Here rests the bones of what was once my shows notes that I spent a week outlining and a whole day writing... RIP Hybristophilia Intro...