Monday, September 17, 2018

Goodbye To A Ghost

"From a sweet beginning, to a bitter end. Were you ever here? Were you ever my friend"?
- Robert Wynia

Goodbye to a ghost
Can't understand why...
Why you've left me
Won't let me say goodbye
I know what's coming
Something I couldn't be
Don't want to disrupt it
Only wanting to be free
From things you've said
I'll always be here
Words of a man
Always something to fear
Goodbye to a ghost
Haunting me but won't let me speak
Let me give you back
Have your precious bite to the cheek
Get out of my being
Get into my sight
If I could go back
No holidays at night
Choice of my own flesh
Guilt me but no regret
She is my everything
I've already paid my debt
Goodbye to a ghost 
I don't want to feel
Fuck you Conformist
Let my heart heal

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