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INBEDWITH SHAUNA - Episode 2 - Show Notes

In Bed With Shauna - Episode 2

Masturbatory Rag Doll
Should a wife submit to her husband physically at his whim? Sitting in Church listening to the pastor explain that God made sex and when you are married, you a no longer one flesh made me wonder is that really an okay way of thinking? Could that actually be damaging? It sure isn't a safeguard against infidelity.

When Your Rebound Bonces
Many people seek the comfort of another directly after a breakup. Doing this replaces devastating and sometimes crippling feelings with NRE (new relationship energy). What better way to get over a broken heart than a cocktail of dopamine, adrenaline, norepinephrine, and multiple orgasms?
But what happens when you fall comfortably into these safe new arms and then they drop you?

As I was listening to a podcast episode of Guys we Fucked, I was reminded of that danger and also reminded of why I feel like I'm drifting aimlessly with nothing to power me in any direction. It's stupid and fucked up but it's the truth.

I've always said that a woman should have another "distraction" in her back pocket just in case she needs to pull him out for emotional safety after a breakup which is still something I believe is helpful. But there is a risk with this method. It's almost like you have to continue to replace that backup because as soon as you are alone, you will be hit with ALL of the emotion you have been shelving.

The Full Episode of Guys We F****d

Everyone Has Herpes
I'd love it if everyone could work on destroying the stigma around herpes. Make sure that one someone uses the words "cold sore", "chicken pox", "shingles", replace it with herpes.

Did you know: 

You are less likely to get herpes from someone who knows they have it, takes anitvirals, and uses protection than you are from someone who hasn't been tested?

Tests are the most accurate when there is a open lesion to test.

Most of the time when you go to the doctor and ask for a STD/STI test, you are not tested for Herpes. It is that the psychological damage of the diagnosis is more harmful than the virus itself because of the stigma. 

Some confident people are starting to put their STI positive status in their only dating profile.

A great TEDTalk about fighting the herpes stigma/

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