Friday, January 5, 2018

Step and Fetch

So you busted your man cheating but you’ve decided to stay with him. Of course he promises to never do it again and does honestly feel bad for hurting you. But you’re still angry of course so you keep him on a tight leash. He isn’t allowed to go out anymore or you make him do or buy things as a punishment. Do NOT do this. All you are doing is deflating the all important male ego. Men can not live without a healthy ego and guess what, one of the easiest ways to bring it back to life after you have marred it is by a successful sexual conquest.

Please do not think that the threat of your wrath is going to keep your man faithful because it just doesn’t work like that. All you are doing is making him feel less of a man which brings us right back to ego. There is no magic faithful man tactic. If they are going to cheat they’re going to cheat. Making him feel bad about himself is definitely not going to stop this from happening. If you feel bad for staying with someone who cheated that’s on you. Be a big girl and deal with it.

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