Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Sexuality Inside Christianity


I had intended to write a single post on this subject but as I did more research, and had more conversations with people, I realized this topic is much deeper than I had initially thought.

If you search “Christian Sexuality” in Google or YouTube, you do not get results showing people celebrating a very integral part of their personality and of their humanity. Instead, you are bombarded with resources on relieving people from their “lust”, delivering them from their sexual sin.  It seems sexuality to Christians even inside the covenant of marriage is something that should be removed to keep one from “sinning”.  

I have been a Christian since childhood and sexual for as long as I can remember. Of course, as I’ve grown in age and wisdom, I’ve questioned everything and the conflict between my spirituality and my sexuality has always been something that didn’t add up for me. Something just doesn’t seem right. Telling someone who is born to desire the same sex, that they can’t love or have the same relationship others can doesn’t seem right either.

If you believe in a creator (which I’m aware many people don’t.) that creator, created human sexuality. It’s not something outside of us. Our sexuality is inside of us, is part of our souls. Our desires shape our personalities and become a large part of our world view.

The Bible was written I believe, to an ancient world. Everything is different now. Women are different now. Our relationships with men, our relationship with government and society are all different now. I do not see how we can logically still implement these restrictions. To me that is truly how we are degrading woman today. Woman and men are being shamed for feeling a way that they were created to feel.

This will be a small series of posts covering my questions to what I feel are conflicts. Two major topics I will explore are; what is immoral sexual behavior and why don’t biblical sexual rules match up with the biology and psychology of human sexuality, if they are originating from the same source.

I realize this subject may not apply to some people and that’s fine but it is part of my sexuality and I believe can be applied to any religion or even just oppression someone may feel from family. Please feel free to comment and share your opinion even if it differs from mine. I’m here to discuss and learn. I may be judged for saying these things but I feel its imperative they be said if I wish to live an honest life.

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