Friday, January 5, 2018

My Man Would Never

Pffft yeah he would.

I can not even begin to explain how annoyed I get when I hear people say something about how they KNOW their significant other would never cheat. This is usually followed by a description of random acts of violence that would ensue if the person were ever caught doing such a thing. Bitch please your man either is, has, or will cheat at some point. I have been cheated on and i have been the other woman. I have seen men who seem to have everything, family, success, the whole picture, turn around and risk it all for a piece of ass. Even good men, moral, kind men. Sometimes I’m still surprised at just how much they are willing to risk for something so short lived. Just know it’s not about you or your abilities as a girlfriend or wife. It’s not about how fulfilled your man is. It’s about he’s ego and his dick. Plain and simple. It’s absolutely fascinating to me how powerful those two things can be. IDGAF how trustworthy you think he is. Always remember ladies, men are only as loyal as their options.

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