Sunday, January 21, 2018

I am sexual, I am Christian, and I have questions...

These are just some of the question I have on this topic and I hope everyone realizes that these pertain to consenting adult relationships. Read through and give me your answers or if you have your own questions, leave them down in the comments..

  • Why is it that I feel like I’m the only Christian that embraces her sexuality and does not understand the true reasoning behind sexual “sin”?
  • Why when I Google “Sexual Christian” are the results videos, books, articles, and programs all aimed at helping me overcome this terrible sinful nature of my sexual desire?
  • According to Haslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, basic human physiological needs include Air, Food, Water, Shelter, Sleep, and Sex. Our bodies are designed to crave sex. Why would God make our bodies in this way and then punish us for acting in accordance?
  • Why are men’s minds made to seek sexual novelty if it’s bad to do so?
  • Why aren’t we naturally monogamous?
  • Why does the typical couple only stay “in love” neuro chemically speaking for 2 to 4 years, just long enough to raise a baby into toddlerhood?
  • Why do we become aware of our sexuality at such an early age? So that we can marry young and have offspring? Why does this all happen before our prefrontal cortex (responsible for decision making) is fully formed?
  • Why would God create our minds and bodies to work in direct conflict with his wishes?
  • Why unlike other sins, is sex good for us? Frequent orgasms and close human contact have many health benefits for men and women.
  • If we are all God’s children and are made in his image, why are some people born with a sexual orientation pleasing to God and others born locked into a sexual orientation that will earn them life long condemnation just for wanting the same love others have?  

If anyone cares to enlighten me please leave a comment and lets discuss.

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