Thursday, January 4, 2018

Here We Go...

So here we go… I’m starting a blog. This has been a long time coming. I’ve loved to write my whole life and began to dabble in creating an online presence back when dial up was still a thing. I created fan sites for my favorite band, and eventually started a YouTube channel. Don’t bother looking, those videos have long since been privated.

My younger years were also the start of a lifelong fascination with human sexuality, the psychology behind it and especially the mind of the cheating man. I’ve carried this interest into my adult life and have experienced some very exceptional relationship styles along the way.

I’m very opinionated and passionate when it comes to sexuality and relationships and have a unique understanding. I’m obsessed with listening to audio books, and pod casts on these subjects as well as watching countless hours of YouTube videos. It is my mission to change the way monogamy is viewed, not as a social norm one should conform to just to avoid shame but as an option among many other valid ways one can choose to love.

This may get very personal and will most likely be rated R but I hope to have fun, learn about myself, my marriage, and most importantly about humanity. I can’t wait.

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